Quinoa Black Bean w Chicken and Sweet Potatoes (recipe)

We got some organic quinoa on sale last few weeks. I’ve initially introduced quinoa to Lil’N before and he likes it so we stocked up more.

I wanted something tasteful instead of bland for his quinoa so I came up with this combination.

It was a Lil darker in color and hence he had the ‘errrrrr momma, what is this you’re trying to get me to eat?’ face, but I’m happy to report that after the first bite, he wanted more and more!!!


1 cup quinoa rinsed
1/2 can organic Black beans
1 diced sweet potato (non organic is fine because it’s a root vegetable)
Palmful of chicken breast, diced

1. Cook quinoa according to package direction, usually 1:2 ratio. I add in the sweet potato at this stage so it’s softer for babyboy
2. When water boils, I add in the black beans and chicken.
3. Simmer until chicken is fully cooked, another 4-5 minutes.
4. Once cooked, chill it before serving and enjoy!


Healthy Baby Smash Cake

Babyboy is turning one soon!! I decided to rest out my stash cake recipe on him.

Suffice to say it wasn’t very very smash cake type-ish (cause it won’t stick and smear around skin) but just good though to smash it for crumbling effect. You get what I mean? Haha. I want somerhing cleaning friendly and easy to wipe off :) Clean Freak much? I would think it’s normal for all mommas!


It’s made from banana and cheese and oats with no sugar at all or syrups.

3 very ripe bananas
2-3 cups of rolled oats
1/2 stick unsalted organic butter
1/4 cup water
1/2 package organic cream cheese as frosting  (actually mayb the wheel package coz mine looks like it doesn’t have enough frosting)

1. Mash bananas with oatmeal.
2. Cut in butter and finance stirring til fully incorporated.
3. Slowly dtur in water is mixture is just thick enough to fill your cake pan and not too liquidish.
4. Bake at 375 for 30-40 mins.
5. While baking make the frosting by whipping it with a fork :) good and easy workout.
6. Once cake is done let it cool for 5-10 mins.
7. Cut two circles out with an inverted bowl (this is if you didn’t have two round cake pans like me) otherwise skip this step and just frost it ;)




Looks like he approved it? Haha. I tasted it and didn’t find it sweet, hubby thinks so too. But it’s for a baby, they don’t need those added sugars for now. Maybe at 1.5 yo instead ;)

Easy DIY command center board

We got this from Ikea for about $7 if I’m not mistaken. Never really used it as a coaster for our dishes. So I decided to innovate it into our command bulletin board.

Just pull out two command hooks and stick then to the fridge side wall. Remember to wipe clean with rubbing alcohol solution first before sticking the hooks on.

Press firmly for a couple seconds and leave it for a few hours before hanging the newly innovates bulletin board.

I put on crocodile clips as hooks for our home and car keys too. The smallest size one. And for decorations purposes, I hung up a pic of us at Tangalooma Beach few years back, and also my brightly card from Lil’N from 2 weeks ago :)


I would say it looks pretty neat, better than it just sitting around on the dining table without any practical use.