Baby breakfast


Steamed eggs for breakfast with some freeze dried food as dessert on a lansinohmomma plate and boon mod ware utensils.

So far so good. The plate keeps his food warm for a lol while since I cook when he plays and am done before mealtime. It just doesn’t drain properly and am afraid mold may happen…..Although Lil’N has already figured out how to move the plate…it’s a matter of time he flips it down from his high tray. Oh goodness….

NYC baby first holiday

So, I hope everyone’s having a good midweek so far! Lil’N just went down for his nap. So I’m continuing the writing of our NYC trip.

We did the airbnb experience, and stayed in a 2 bedroom apartment in Manhattan.  More on that later….basically the two girls owners were ok but the place was tiny and noisy at night…I thank God for helping Lil’N sleeping not too bad despite the noises. Tip to help him sleep, play play play in the room where he will be sleeping in! Daddy J carried along his pack and play so he can sleep in there in the same room as us while MIL slept in the second room. You can see the brand we used in this pic :) it’s reasonably priced I think was about $80 when we got it.


So we headed to the Malaysian embassy in Friday (the following day upon arrival).

Super sucky experience! So Lil’N was napping on me on the ergo as he was sick (slightly hot fever). The officers were insisting that we need parents birth certificate when we already brought our Identity cards and passports! Our logic was if we weren’t born in msia,  why would we have our ICs and passport. Plus I had to wake sleepy head baby to take his passport photo :|…long story short, the guy told us to follow up with him shortly…

And then we headed to Bryant park….another sad story…my phone got stolen while Lil’N was napping in the stroller! So we had lady M crepe at the park and N decided to nap. We were gonna Uber back home but decided to stay. As it was a park,  I decided to turn on white noise on my hp for him to nap better since he’s sick and all. Stuck my hp to the back of his stroller and sat next to him.


Then two Mexican ladies (one carrying a baby girl)  came to ask for directions. We weren’t sure where the f train was so we said sorry and told them to ask someone local instead…so they went off their way. Hubby was weirded out coz they didn’t stop to ask other people and just walked off. I bent over to check on N and see if the white noise was still playing.  Bam! there was no sound and I quickly realize that my hp was stolen then! Sigh, shouted to hubby to go after the girls while I stay on with N.

Long story short, couldn’t locate the girls. All of us went home devastated. Hubby did the airdroid app thingy but we didn’t have premium so it was useless. Just did the device manager located and ringed the hp. Realize they turn it off shortly after about 5 min of it ringing. And now never able to locate it. Am assuming they turned it off forever..hopefully my pics and every thing else were not accessible.

Lesson learnt, 1. never put your phone behind the stroller at the parks espc in NYC 🗽 2. Go home for naps hahaha! 3. Never pay for premium for airdroid 4. Don’t stay mad at hubby…
P /S : This Was where it all happened..(before of coz, else if wouldn’t be smiling like that)


I love my hubby because he bought me a new phone the night itself! Haha. Although it was partially my fault for being so trusting…sigh..I miss all my old photos which was not backed up.. But what’s gone is gone. I now have to live with the missing photos and this new hp. We got an Xperia Z3 so it can go underwater when N starts swimming!

LilN first flight

Went to NYC for the memorial day weekend with hubby, baby N and mom in law. I was coaxed into going there because we had to settle N’s Malaysian passport…so off we went.

Lil’N was not too bad on flight heading there. Flight was however delayed for 45mins!! So my advice is never book a flight during baby’s nap time. Just book earlier and you’ll be better off if there was a delay. We did just that and N napped in the plane before takeoff.


We had a joovy groove ultralight stroller which kinda helped us during our strolling about NYC.

N nursed just before take off and did not after that. Not sure if the altitude changes affected him but am glad he was OK :)

He had a new teething toy from MAM when he woke up during the flight. Had a blast with it. It hooks onto his shirt so it’s much better than having to bend over all the time to pick up his toy. Also really hygienic since the aircraft floor isn’t exactly clean.

More updates to come in the next few posts about his first stay outside of homeĀ  🏡 In the meantime, some pics