Apple noodles with spinach and shrimp (recipe)

So we finally got a spiralizer in the house!!! I’m so happy with this Spiralizer by Marino Gourmet.

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** However, I received this item at a discount in exchange for an honest and unbiased review


So it comes with 3 different blade types for different noodle results. Ones a shredder (or stripper) a chipper and a slicer. I mainly use the chipping and stripping ones to make noodles for us.

And as per the usual, a storage compartment to store all the other blades you’re not using easily.


I’ve made sweet potato noodles and apple noodles so far and we love it! It’s so easy and convenient. I can’t wait to get more potatoes and zucchini to make curly fries and zucchini noodles 🙂

Here’s how it is while at work

No issues with it not being sturdy or it moving around because the suctions were really good on my kitchen countertop. Another score!

It has a central coring blade like all other spiralizer and I know some like it smaller but if you have a teething baby or a pet dog, you’ll find this one just right! 🙂 the end result is perfect for those itchy teeth, trust me baby loves chewing on the baked sweet potato core.


It’s also easy to clean as it comes with a brush to clean the blades and the core blade.

Nways before I go on and on about how I love this new addition to our home, here’s the recipe. Stay tuned for more Vege and fruit noodles I’ll be making for us!

1 organic apple peeled
Handful of spinach
1/4 stick organic unsalted butter
Handful of dried shrimp( soaked and rinsed)

1. Place the apple on the central blade first then push the end blades onto the other end of the apple.
2. Rotate the spiral blade all the way til the end, doesn’t matter if you do it slow or fast. I like doing it fairly fast to give my hand a good workout.
3. Trim the noodles short if needed, I only had to do this with the sweet potato as it was a huge potato.
4. Warm pan with butter.
5. Cook apples and spinach together until spinach is wilted.
6. Add in the dried shrimp (rinsed) and cook for another 2-3 minutes.
7. Once cooked, plate up and serve! 🙂






“Nooooo don’t take my picture momma, I look like a mess!”

Sorry hun, I just did, but don’t worry you look good! Love you to the moon and back!


Table centerpiece, life with a baby


Welcome, to our home dining table/breakfast nook. The last time we had rose petals spreaded around us while dining was during a dinner at Ritz Carlton Buckhead before Lil’N came into this world. So now, I’m recreating it at home, of course minus the exquisite dishes they have (at ridiculous prices).

Just gather some rose petals from the garden and sprinkle them over the centerpiece, every morning is a good start. I used an unused wine glass, put it upside down and laid a beeswax candle in case we decide to ‘light-it-up’ at night (slim chance because of the summer heat). I should really start planting peonies and hydrangeas too for this purpose.

But as you can see, babyboy’s highchair toy will always be around, even when we wanna fine dine at home, to remind us that we are always his parents, 24/7 😉

P/S: I’m too hungry so I needed a bowl of go- to snack (oats and honey organic cereal). It’s awesome!

Quinoa Black Bean w Chicken and Sweet Potatoes (recipe)

We got some organic quinoa on sale last few weeks. I’ve initially introduced quinoa to Lil’N before and he likes it so we stocked up more.

I wanted something tasteful instead of bland for his quinoa so I came up with this combination.

It was a Lil darker in color and hence he had the ‘errrrrr momma, what is this you’re trying to get me to eat?’ face, but I’m happy to report that after the first bite, he wanted more and more!!!


1 cup quinoa rinsed
1/2 can organic Black beans
1 diced sweet potato (non organic is fine because it’s a root vegetable)
Palmful of chicken breast, diced

1. Cook quinoa according to package direction, usually 1:2 ratio. I add in the sweet potato at this stage so it’s softer for babyboy
2. When water boils, I add in the black beans and chicken.
3. Simmer until chicken is fully cooked, another 4-5 minutes.
4. Once cooked, chill it before serving and enjoy!